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Our Portfolio

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Our Mission

Provide capital and hands-on support to early-stage founders in the beginning of their journey.

Become the go-to VC fund for all Greek (including diaspora), and South East Europe startups.

Achieve superior returns for our investors and build a vibrant angel investor community.

Who are we?

We are experienced operators and investors with extensive international experience and networks.


Genesis Ventures is a new angel co-investment fund providing pre-seed/seed capital and hands-on support to early-stage founders in Greece and SE Europe.

We are deploying tickets of €100,000 - 400,000 and investing in more than 70 early-stage technology companies over the next 4 years.

The fund is backed by the European Investment Fund and leading angel investors; previous successful founders, family offices, and industry veterans.

We are direct, aim to add value to our portfolio companies, and are committed to shaping an ecosystem where the smartest and most hard-working entrepreneurs can create incredible companies.


1-on-1 sessions with coaches experienced in idea validation, product development, go-to- market strategies, tech leadership, fundraising and others


Introductions to leading seed-stage VCs and investors, and to potential global customers (for the B2B startups).

What can you expect from us?


Venture building and acceleration programs to help build your team and acquire your first institutional ticket


Tickets from €100,000 to €400,000.

In a nutshell

Looking for strong & committed founding teams, solving real and difficult problems, in big and growing markets.


Early-stage: concept, pre-seed, seed.

What are we looking for?


All. Enterprise SaaS, Fintech, Healthcare, E-commerce, Deep- tech, Edu-tech, Prop-tech, Web3 and others.


Focus on Greece and SE Europe, but any geo is welcome, as long as the company has a branch/subsidiary in Greece.


We are honest and fully transparent in our communication with founders, investors, and other stakeholders.


'This is our baby' mindset. We own up and get things done. No excuses.

What do we stand for?


We put effort to develop our team, founders, and angel investors. Their success is our success.


We prioritize ruthlessly to maximize results for our investors, founders, and the tech ecosystem.


a 6-week acceleration program, run by Genesis Ventures
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We believe that startups have transformative potential for the people that create them, the people that work at them, the people that invest in them, and the people that use their products. We want to give the first two groups of people the knowledge and opportunity to reach this potential.

Even more, we want to give anyone, who is smart, ambitious, and hard-working enough and regardless of their socioeconomic status, background, pedigree, and gender, the opportunity to reach this potential by starting up. That is why we started the DayOne acceleration program.



Pre-seed Investments


Seed & Series A Investments


Years Experience


"Genesis Ventures Fund aims to support businesses in Greece that are in the early stages of development."

"The European Investment Fund backs Genesis Ventures, the first Greek Business Angel's co- investment fund."

"Genesis Ventures: The first Greek Business Angel fund."