Take control of your condominium. Now your building management is simple and smart.
Your personal Psychologist online. The first 100% online mental health platform giving the opportunity of psychotherapy to everyone who needs it using technology.
Medically interpretable NLP accelerates clinical research. We empower clinical research by analyzing unstructured EMR data for life endangering conditions.
Maker of Biomarkers & Digital Therapeutics to bring objective data and measurement in the way people diagnose, manage & care for Mental Health.
We aim to help consumers and businesses gain affordable and fair access to products and services that meet their needs.
The huupe is the world’s first smart basketball hoop, with a high definition screen for a backboard. Train and play basketball against other huupe users.
Mobile Campaign Optimization. Using private federated ML. A deep-tech startup committed to revolutionizing the way mobile apps understand their users.
Connecting Sports & People. Digitize your sports club. All-in-one Sports Club and Academies Management Platform.
Getting kids ready for anything. Where 8-14 yr olds develop future-critical skills through complex, game-based learning.
Welcome to the new age! Chefs and suppliers use Orderit to streamline their workflow and unlock more time for their passion!
Deliver everywhere essentials in 15 minutes.
Personalising asset management for everyone. A fintech based startup with the intent on disrupting the asset management industry through personalization.
Changing the future of real estate using advanced technology. By selling your apartment to a Protio qualified investor, you save time, money, and have full transparency.
Swaplanet is an online sustainable fashion platform, where busy parents can swap their kids’ clothes that they no longer need with ones that they actually need.
The ideal vacation for you. Instantly. For free. Hotels & Vacation Rentals, Flights & Ferries, Sights & Experiences, Food & Nightlife – Personalized.
Meet Wealthyhood, the first DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors that want to build their wealth over time by intelligently investing their money as they wish.
Ethical facial analysis for in-store retail and business events. The custom-made IoT devices process video on the edge. The footage is never stored or transmitted.