Clicktotherapy and Genesis Ventures
The first 100% online mental health platform that is giving the opportunity of psychotherapy to everyone who needs it, with the aid of technology.
Η πρώτη 100% online πλατφόρμα ψυχικής υγείας που δίνει τη δυνατότητα ψυχοθεραπείας σε όποιον τη χρειάζεται, με τη βοήθεια της τεχνολογίας.
Meet Clicktotherapy, the first 100% online mental health platform in Greece that is giving the opportunity of psychotherapy to everyone who needs it, with the aid of technology. Almost 40% of EU citizens across all age groups are affected by a mental disorder each year and recently WHO highlighted the urgent need to transform mental health. Hence, mental health is a significant issue that needs to be tackled effectively utilizing the tools that technology can offer. 

Clicktotherapy’s solution is to match the user with the most suitable professional from their extensive network of psychologists/partners who are experienced, certified and constantly evolving as professionals. The goal of the team is to launch additional personalized tools that will play a supportive role targeting both the client and the professional, maximizing thereby the benefits of psychotherapy. 

“We have helped thousands of people improve their everyday lives. Οur high Net Promoter Score, long tenure and positive feedback make us eager to expand by helping others realize the benefits of psychotherapy and improve their everyday lives. The critical factor for what we have achieved so far and makes us confident in our future plans is the team we’ve built; a great mix of professionals with complementary skills (such as psychology, machine learning, UX etc ) who are all passionate about our vision and share the same values.” mentions Panagiotis Charamis co-founder of Clicktotherapy. 

“I was immediately impressed by the structure and focus of the team. The specific sector they are operating in requires a plethora of roles which they all successfully cover. Apart from that, their market is continually expanding, while they fulfill an important service in democratizing access to quality psychology services for everyone.” mentions Vasilis Dimos, angel investor at Clicktotherapy, owner of Structured Ventures and co-founder of 

Finally, Afroditi Kasparidi, Research Collaborator at the Lausanne University Hospital and co-founder of Clicktotherapy mentions, “Clicktotherapy focuses on the optimization of the therapeutic alliance between the client and the psychotherapist. We aim to reduce rates of drop out by acknowledging that there is no “one-size-fits-all” rule for an efficient psychotherapy to take place. Our digital psychotherapeutic community covers all the existing approaches in psychotherapy, which allows us to match each client with the most suitable psychotherapist in order to offer tailor-made interventions.”